We screened over 600 patients. There were two teams for 2 lots of 5 days operating.  In total we operated on 520 patients on 10 operating tables over 10 days.  Personally I did 20 cases, 5 under local anaesthetic in young adults over 15 years of age.  The highlight for me was catching up with Kiran, my dancing girl from the Blue Peter show whose lip I did in May.  I was able to repair her palate this time.  She came to give a goodbye card to myself and to my friend Dr Phil McDonald who was the anesthetist who looked after her when I was operating.  We both were very moved when her father held our hands and said;

"Thank you, you have changed my daughter's life forever"  

That is why we go to help....(Per Hall)

Striving for better care for people born with cleft lip and/or palate, in the East of England &                           in the developing world and elsewhere overseas as decided by the trustees

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Working together with health professionals for a better cleft care in the UK and overseas.  Their dedication for health services is truly inspiring!    

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